Elopement in Berlin

February 28, 2022

ometimes I get approached by couples who would like an elopement. No big wedding or festivities, but an intimate wedding, with just the two of them. I can completely understand that. Especially when you don’t like to be the center of attention, or when you just don’t feel like organising a big event and focus on the love of your life. This lovely couple that came all the way from a place near the Dutch border decided they wanted to marry in Berlin. Their little 1 year old girl, Maria, was their special guest. They choose one of the most charming governmental places to marry in Berlin: Villa Kogge in Charlottenburg, and the scenery of their loveshoot was the park of the Charlottenburg Castle. Here and there a sip of champagne put the sparkles on there already very enchanted wedding day and made the giggles become lauder. It was a very lovely morning!