Ecological veggie wedding in Berlin

February 28, 2022

Annika & Felix, this lovely German couple did everything out of the ordinary. They didn’t look at the written rules on how to do a wedding, they didn’t decide to spend thousands and thousands of euros on their wedding. I think they kept an incredibly decent budget, while still having a celebration of love with their dearest ones. This couple really inspired me in many ways, I really admire their view on a wedding, and I sometimes wish that more people could see it this way. The first thing that really surprised me was that the bride, Annika, didn’t wear any make-up! She didn’t go for a “natural” make-up look (that usually still takes 3 hours to apply), with nothing I mean nothing. Not even mascara. How much guts do you need to have for that! That goes against everything the media and the fashion industry tell you. It is true that beauty comes from within, and that that is what you marry. But this bride really showed that. Next to that, this lovely couple had such a friendly and beautiful character. They radiated love in everything that they did and most importantly, this love was shown throughout their wedding day. You could see that they were absolutely the right match. Annika & Felix are both vegetarian, so their wedding was a vegetarian wedding which also emphasised the importance on sustainability and local suppliers. On this topic, I really admired this couple too. I am myself vegan and sustainability is of great importance to my life. This wedding was like a dream for me. All caterers and food were local, even the wine and the beer! The wedding cake was homemade! The wedding bouquet were self-grown flowers! They grew and picked them from their own garden and dried them. Annika’s wedding dress was a beautiful white linen dress, that was not even necessarily considered a wedding dress. The rings of the couple were made by a local Berlin Brandenburg smith. On top of that the wedding was in the local public house. All in all, it was a beautiful day. The couple spend time with all their guests and paid attention to every single one of them. I was impressed by the simplicity yet love and warmth that I experienced that day.

I hope you feel the same, while looking at their wedding photos: